VMJ’s English room activities are handled with a perspective to improve students vocabulary, sentence framing pronunciation and accent. Games like hangman ,dumb charade, Pictionary are conducted to active participation.

Narrating or reading stories from good books expose the student to various ideas and creativity which helps them with general essays and composition .Role play ,skit and drama brings out the communication skills. Topic work activities involves each student by making them come to the front and talk free complete sentences about a topic. The child is able to overcome stage fear this way. The child is able to overcome stage fear this way. The students are exposed to the importance of making eye contact and also body language and gestures.

  • Soft skill is improved by discussing about vast topics like

  • How to be happy

  • Positive thinking

  • Problem solving skills

  • Being proactive

  • Anger management

  • Inferiority complex

  • Ways to De-stress

  • Creative people

  • Character building

  • Self awareness

  • Emotions

  • Preparation for life

  • Pain and hard times

  • Empathy

  • Life purpose

  • Preparation for life