VMJ School has been a place of paradise with my experience of 25 years. Working with kids has been a wonderful experience in my life which empowered me to be a successful teacher and a coordinator.

I am proud of my continuous service of providing an excellent teaching for our students. It is my belief that the school should be an experience of a life time.


I have been working in this reputed institution since 1997. I have experienced to help others and to realize out hidden potential. Our syllabus brings out each and every nuances of a child’s caliber and embellishes it. Our syllabus has taught me and my students

“Observe everything

You will be happy.

Try everything,

You will be happier.

Think and do everything,

You will be the happiest one.

We, the teachers and the students have got pleasant environment as well as a good field to express our views and ideas without hindrances. Not only the students but we, the teachers also can learn and improvise out standard.

Students are given a platform to expose their talents and leadership quality as vivid organizers, voluntary participants to get complete holistic development.

We, the teachers and the students begin the day with the positive thoughts to excel every mark of life and have constructive wonderful moments.


Working in VMJ Since 1998(June)

20 years of my blissful journey in V.M.J is amazing and has helped me reap a great deal of wonderful experience, paving the way to cater my best to the students till date.

The pleasant working atmosphere and the creative way of teaching have enriched me, giving immense job satisfaction.

Being amidst the students is a blessing. Training the students for compearing and staging the plays of renowned dramatists with a lovely set of students year after year for annual day have been a cherishable, delightful and rewarding experiences.

The accomplishments of students in their endeavours accelerate me to serve with more dedication and enthusiasm.


‘To draw out students from the shadows of knowledge to the day light of learning’

I, Helen Amutha has put in 21 years of service in VMJ as Commerce and Accounts faculty.

I derive pleasure in teaching the students. It gives me an opportunity to call out the best in them and in making a transition from school to higher education and to the world of work including self employment. The Commerce and Accounts stream helps the students to acquire knowledge in the concepts and principals of management, familiarize them with the provisions of various Acts, to form any type of Business organization and to excel as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Cost and works accountants.


The homely atmosphere and the job satisfaction are factors that help us to work in an amicable way.

We teach through tactile, visual and auditory senses.

Teachers are well-trained and they become multi-talented, in turn are able to hone in the best in students.


VMJ’s English room activities are handled with a perspective to improve students vocabulary, sentence framing pronunciation and accent. Games like hangman ,dumb charade, Pictionary are conducted to active participation.

Narrating or reading stories from good books expose the student to various ideas and creativity which helps them with general essays and composition .Role play ,skit and drama brings out the communication skills. Topic work activities involves each student by making them come to the front and talk free complete sentences about a topic. The child is able to overcome stage fear this way. The child is able to overcome stage fear this way. The students are exposed to the importance of making eye contact and also body language and gestures.

  • Soft skill is improved by discussing about vast topics like

  • How to be happy

  • Positive thinking

  • Problem solving skills

  • Being proactive

  • Anger management

  • Inferiority complex

  • Ways to De-stress

  • Creative people

  • Character building

  • Self awareness

  • Emotions

  • Preparation for life

  • Pain and hard times

  • Empathy

  • Life purpose

  • Preparation for life

Teacher -01 Mrs.GNANESWARI M.A

I am proud to be the prestigious head of the Tamil department. I am happy to have served VMJ institution for 42 years. To enrich the students with knowledge is my life’s motive. My dream has come true after joining this esteemed institution. I write scripts for dramas, competitions and School day functions and have won laurels.