Middle School Level – Activity Oriented and continuous progress monitored.  We conduct Asset Exams to know where we stand at National Level.

In the secondary level, we give more importance on English, Mathematics and Science subjects. Regarding English, we concentrate more on the students communicating skill and creative writing skill. More practice is given on Grammar exercises to make the students write flawless English. We have language labs, where they do role- play and enact dramas.

Regarding Mathematics, apart from syllabus teachers refer other books and give many extra sums for the students. Assignments are given every week and many surprise tests are conducted. Before the terminal exams, a lot of revisions sums will be given and the students are made to workout the problems.

For Science subjects, the students are well explained the lessons with aids, charts and they will be taken to labs for their practical knowledge.

We have a well equipped Computer lab, where students can individually work on the Computer.

We take the students to Mathematics lab twice in a week, where they work out problems using the aids. We have Geography lab, where the students are taught Geography by showing models and maps.

Apart from academics, we have Games classes, Chess, Keyboard, Dance, Music and Craft classes to develop the aesthetic sense of students. Apart from all, we take keen interest on their behaviour, cleanliness and their personality development.