The foundation of literacy is laid in K.G. block. The children who come with an absorbent mind to school absorb vast amounts of information without any effort. Basic attitudes towards life, and the foundation of the individual personality are establish here.


   A separate assembly is conducted for the children- various activities like role-play, storytelling, and teaching rhymes are done in the assembly.The sounds of the alphabets and numbers from 0 to 9 are taught sound paper letters are used to gain apt formation and various Montessori equipments are used to learning the quality value of number, where they touch, feel, see and thus learn better. Rhymes and stories help them to gain the English language unconsciously. They learn to describe a picture shown to them. Pattern writing and craft classes strengthen their nimble fingers. Stories are read to them during library periods and library books are given home during the week end to develop their reading habits. Three letter words with and without pictures are introduced to them to improve their vocabulary. Concepts and shapes are taught for a meaningful approach of the surrounding. Colors play an important role in their life which is introduced here. To help fix the various colours in their minds, they dress themselves with the color taught and bring an object of that color from the house and speak about it. In this class, they learn more by doing things for themselves than they do by watching others.


   Having known the sounds in the language, they attach symbols to sounds, which help them to express their own thoughts. Here the combinations of sounds are taught which will help them to group the syllables into words, and learn the spellings of words easily in their future years. Here stories, rhymes, shapes and quantity values of more numbers are taught. Flash cards of difficult words are written as sight words and the repeated revisions of these words help the children to read easily and steadily. More three letter words with more activities are introduced which lay a strong foundation. Some games like guessing game, mystery bag, shopping game are help in language development. They start speaking in English even before they enter standard I.

Standard I and II

Formal grammar and its usage are taught. More word and sentence games are played. They are trained to read, think and express them in English. They are able to read and write fluently.