Kathleen wrote, “My role as the School Librarian is to build and maintain reliable print resources. My role is to be a learning facilitator. My role is teaching students to think critically, evaluate sources and to solve problems. My role is to make sure, students are information literate”. This explains perfectly the role of a librarian.

Today’s children are living in a technologically competitive world. An independent learner doesn’t mean going to the internet to find the answer. Independence for me means, going on to the school library bookshelves to find a book that the school librarian has referred, shows skill for above a regular Google search. Information literacy is the skill to find, evaluate, use and give credit to information.

Reading development in VMJ library is a process for attaining literacy by integrating oral and written language experiences, through writing synopsis, in to the literature and content areas- spoken language, reading and writing are learned simultaneously. As students read ‘real’ books and write, to communicate, learning becomes relevant, interesting and motivational and equips students with life-long learning skills and develops the imagination, enabling them to live as responsible citizens- improvement of cognitive, personal, social, rhetorical and media competencies.

V.M.J library serve as the hub of acquiring this literacy. It is housed in a big hall. It comprises of nearly 10000 books of all genres catering to the various subjects. Books are issued for a fortnight. Library becomes the whirlpool of students when they prepare for the interschool competitions.Library is digitalized and easily accessible to both students and Teachers. An active E-Library functions in the Computer center covering all subjects, languages and general information.

Teachers have access to relevant curricular information and professional development materials, and opportunities to co operatively plan, implement and evaluate learning programmes.