The overall objective of the English Room is to teach students good communicative English, to develop language proficiency which will help them to learn subjects easily and also to improve their creativity. It acts as a comprehensive workshop to help the students acquire the various skills related to language learning.



In our school we have unique class room called “Tamil Koodam”. The students are helped to improvise their reading and speaking skills here. A special training to pronounce the words and letters like “ல ள ழ ர ற ன ண” are carried out.

The spacious classroom ensures that the child is comfortably seated and reads story books, compositions and Novels in Tamil. We also conduct debates, elocutions and endowments to motivate the child to bring out his/her own talents.



 Biology laboratory is used by the middle and the higher secondary sections. In the middle classes, biological concepts are taught in the class room and the demonstrations are done in the laboratory.Our biology lab contains rare species specimens, slides of tissues, cells, micro organisms, cell divisions, microscopes, models of brain, kidney, heart, eye, ear etc.



 Students are exposed to chemical reactions and experiment procedures which helps them to prepare well for the examination. Students are made aware of the importance of following instructions while handling chemicals and apparatus.Regular practical classes are conducted. Students not only observe but also practice doing the experiments. Guidance is provided at every step to achieve the required results by continuous internal assessments.



School physics laboratory features an experimental physical laboratory where students have the opportunity to perform experiments to observe and measure various physical phenomena in mechanics, optics, electromagnetism and electronics.

Laboratory facilities provide students with valuable hands-on experience with new and frequently upgraded equipments.

The laboratory reinforces the knowledge acquired in the theory class by emphasizing on the fundamental concepts of physics.



  Geography lab plays a significant role in enriching geographical concepts. The three dimensional geographical models give a clear picture of Landscape. The laboratory provides different colourful 3D maps, survey maps, collection of minerals and models for showing distribution of resources and delineation of a region. We make them learn the various dimensions of the components of physical Geography through cartography, oceanography which cannot be explained without laboratories.



  Students really need a Mathematics programme that is very lively, vibrant, relevant and meaningful. The Mathematics lab is a separate place set apart where students go regularly, perform experiments as in a science lab and have their recordings made.In the lab atmosphere students individually or in small groups perform experiments with appropriate materials and turn out record sheets. They just enjoy the experience.



 The main objective of computer lab is to enrich the students’ programming skill, to enhance their logical thinking and to have a complete knowledge about the system and packages which is the part of their curriculum. We have two fully equipped computer labs with enough systems and required softwares to enhance and hone the technological skills to students from STD II to STD XII.